What is the screen material?

Polypropylene with UV inhibitor in each strand with a 5-year limited warranty against any fabric degradation


What makes the initial install simple?

The Simply Smart, All-Weather Screen comes pre-assembled with a double-sided tape placed on the inside of the tracks to allow for easy positioning prior to drilling.  Just peel and place.  A template and a more detailed online installation video is also available for the most accurate install.


What do we mean by "deploy"?

You'll see the multiple references to the word "deploy". This is an industry term that refers to when the product is in use protecting your home.


Once installed, what makes deploying the screen simple?

The small, simple track was engineered to allow the user to hand feed the Screen into a system which quickly deploys the product when desired.


Besides protecting from weather events and the easy deploy, what are other benefits of the Simply Smart, All-Weather Screen?

Unlike traditional aluminum shutters or plywood, the screens are designed so that you see outside when deployed.  The screens are also energy efficient and are perfect for closing-up a home for the season.


How long is the warranty?

The screen’s limited warranty last 5 years from date of purchase.  The limited warranty will be

provided with the product and is available online.


How should I clean my screens?

Sponge with a solution of 1 cup of mild dishwashing soap (like Dawn) added to water (mixed based on the manufacturer’s recommendation) clean, rinse thoroughly with clear water, and air-dry completely.   DO NOT use any abrasive household cleaners as that will damage the screen and void the warranty.  Cleaning is recommended at a minimum of once per year or based on local conditions.


Where should I store my screens when not deployed?

Screens can be rolled and stored in the original delivery box and stored in a basement, garage, or shed.  Make sure not to store items on top of the screens.


Why can I only order one size screen?

Currently for DIYers, we are only offering the Simply Smart, All-Weather screen for the most common size opening to assure an easy DIY install and to assure we keep up with demand.  However, we expect new sizes and custom orders to be available soon.


What assistance do you offer for installation?

Please visits www.simplysmartscreens.com/pages/installation to view our installation and deploy videos.


How do I get in touch with someone to discuss the product or for customer service questions?

Please email questions@simplysmartscreens.com or contact us at 877-938-2760.


Where are Simply Smart Screens manufactured?

Screens are manufactured in Fort Myers, Florida and can be shipped to anywhere within the continental United States.  Special shipping can also be arranged for an additional charge.


Who owns Simply Smart Screens?

Storm Smart owns and manufacturers the Simply Smart Screen products.  Storm Smart is the recognized leader for innovative, multipurpose, storm protection and has been in business since 1996.  Simply Smart is a DIY product within the product portfolio.


When should I deploy the Simply Smart Screen?

That is up to the individual, but since the Simply Smart Screen allows you to see out and deploying is SIMPLE, no reason not to deploy with any potential weather event, whether the forecast is calling for a strong thunderstorm, strong wing gusts, a snow blizzard, or even a sandstorm.  Also, if you are leaving your property for the season, a vacation, or even a long weekend, why not deploy to enjoy the added piece of mind and the additional energy efficiency?  If you are within a homeowner’s association, check their guidelines first regarding deploying for an extended period.